SIMONTONContractor Presentation Tool

About The Project

A purpose built presentation tool empowers Simonton’s channel sales force.


Simonton Windows is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of vinyl windows and doors. Their product is sold through a channel network that includes distributors and independent contractors, many of whom specialize in the replacement window market.

EGR had already architected a comprehensive engagement strategy for Simonton.  This strategy included a branded and tiered channel engagement program, a digital portal that delivered training, tools, and resources to the contractors, as well as a reward system for products sold and a comprehensive communication plan.

The contractors responded positively to the program, but one challenge still remained — contractors who sell Simonton windows are typically part of small businesses or one-man operations who don’t have the support of marketing or promotional departments to help them create proposals that would best articulate the value of Simonton Windows. Seeing this as an enormous opportunity for Simonton, we set out to provide the support needed to fill this crucial gap in communications.



An easy-to-use In-Home Presentation tool for contractors.

We developed a user-friendly digital tool as part of the Simonton contractor engagement portal.  It allows contractors to create a slick, professional, and customized presentation for their clients with just the touch of a few buttons.


A personalized experience for each customer.

To enhance the personal approach of the digital tool, we enabled contractors with the ability to customize each and every presentation. At the start of each new presentation, contractors can simply enter their customer’s name and information, so that from the very first page, the customer can see that the proposal has been built just for them.


Showcasing the right products reduces choice paralysis.

Rather than overwhelming customers with brochures that contain hundreds of door and window options, our digital tool allows contractors to narrow down a customer’s options to only the best doors and windows for the particular job. This not only makes the decision process easier for customers — it improves the final product since contractors can choose to show customers the options that work well with the design and look of the project.


Valuable testimonials can be added to presentations with a single click.

Every homeowner wants to be assured that they’re in the hands of a reputable contractor who can do the job right. To provide homeowners with this assurance, we created a preloaded feature in the In-Home Presentation tool that allows contractors to add a series of photographs and testimonials from past jobs, which can easily become a part of their presentation with a single click.


Each presentation is visually striking and brand compliant.

After the contractor chooses the elements to include in the presentation, one click converts the presentation into a beautifully formatted PDF. The finished presentation — which can be sent directly to the customer via text message or email — represents the contractor in the best way possible, and ensures that all material the potential customer receives is 100% Simonton brand-compliant.


The In-Home Presentation tool makes it easy to sell Simonton.

By creating a robust, yet extremely user-friendly presentation tool, Simonton solved a critical business need for its contractors, and for itself. That’s because the In-Home Presentation tool allows Simonton contractors to promote and grow their own businesses while selling more Simonton windows and doors at the same time.