UNIVERSITY OF IOWAEngagement Program

About The Project

Student-driven projects foster connections to alumni through storytelling and digital outreach.


As part of our commitment to the growing field of engagement, EGR’s CEO Jeffrey Grisamore teaches an Advanced Media Workshop at the renowned University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication. This interactive course allows students to discuss real-world media strategies and campaigns and empowers them to get involved in hands-on projects to create original work.

A cornerstone of the Advanced Media course is an engagement program that was launched to celebrate the legacy of the Journalism and Mass Communication program and to connect successful alumni in a mentoring relationship with current students. Each semester the students develop and build on this engagement strategy by creating new student-driven work. Students are mentored by EGR Art Directors, Visual Designers, Videographers, and others to help them fulfill their vision.



A branded microsite showcases student success stories.

The first cohort of students focused on building a video-forward microsite that showcases the stories of current students and past graduates.

“Take the phone call, answer that email, take them to lunch - you have no idea how that might change their life”Malcolm Christie

An AR-enabled brochure brings values to life.

To invite alumni to participate in the program, a brochure, which included a unique Augmented Reality feature, was designed and produced by students and mailed to key Journalism and Mass Communication graduates. By waving a mobile phone over the AR image on the brochure, a short video would launch, showcasing the University of Iowa’s values and commitment to their students both past and present.


Students travel to New York and Washington, D.C to visit alumni working for major brands.

Each semester we connect the Advanced Media Workshop students to working University of Iowa alumni in New York City and Washing- ton, D.C. Together, we have visited working alumnae in the offices of Time Inc, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, Cosmopolitan, Politico, and PBS. Students interview alumni about their experience at the University of Iowa, life in the working world, and why the concept of mentoring students is so important. From these visits, we create short video testimonials and add them to the microsite.